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A photo of protein cheesecakes on a white plate with the text that reads "Easy No-Bake Protein Cheesecake Recipe (Greek Yogurt)"

Easy No-Bake Protein Cheesecake Recipe (Greek Yogurt)

Protein cheesecake recipe was developed by Ayah Al-Anani and Jackie Silver MHSc, RD. Photos by Jackie Silver. Introduction Summer is here which means it’s time for a no-bake, chilled snack / dessert recipe. Enter this protein cheesecake recipe made with Greek yogurt. The best part is it’s no-bake so there are no ovens involved! Our take on this classic tantalising dessert is not only hassle-free to make, but also higher in protein than most cheesecake recipes, low in added sugar, and only 10-ingredients. The contrast between the tart lemon filling and the addictively delicious crust makes this protein cheesecake recipe

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Cover image of The Ultimate Anti Inflammatory Food List PDF Included blog post

The Ultimate Anti-inflammatory Food List (PDF included)

Anti-inflammatory Food List (pdf included) was written by Jenn Zubair of Nutrition by Jenn and reviewed/edited by Jackie Silver MHSc, RD Are you curious about what foods are anti-inflammatory? Perhaps you’re wondering if they fit into your lifestyle or if they can help with your medical condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, or Parkinson’s. Join us in this post as we highlight what inflammation is, what foods may relieve inflammation, and most importantly provide an anti-inflammatory food list (pdf). Anti-inflammatory Food List (PDF included) I am sure you have heard of the anti-inflammatory “diet” or perhaps seen an anti-inflammatory

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A photo of meal planning with the text "Beginner's Guide to ADHD Meal Planning for Adults"

Beginner’s Guide to ADHD Meal Planning for Adults

Beginner’s Guide to ADHD Meal Planning was written by Ayah Al-Anani and reviewed/edited by Jackie Silver MHSc, RD Intro to ADHD Meal Planning for Adults  After a long stressful day, trying to figure out what to eat is the last thing anyone would be in the mood for. The many choices can be overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting, and the executive function skills required for meal-planning can be challenging for folks with ADHD. But not to worry, because this is where our ADHD-friendly meal planning tips save the day!  Meal planning / meal prep is basically planning and preparing your meals

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A photo of french toast with text that reads "Easy High Protein French Toast (2 Ways)"

Easy High Protein French Toast (2 ways)

“High Protein French Toast” recipe was developed and photographed by Julia Hop Hing and reviewed/edited by Jackie Silver MHSc, RD Easy High Protein French Toast Who doesn’t love french toast? When we have leftover bread or challah, my family loves making it into delicious french toast. I wanted to add a bit more protein to french toast to make it a more filling, balanced meal… enter high protein french toast!  You will love this fun twist on your favorite classic french toast. It may remind you of your childhood days. Since summer is here, I’ve got two topping variations that

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An image of a green air fryer with the text "15 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes"

15 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes was written by Jenn Zubair of Nutrition by Jenn and reviewed/edited by Jackie Silver MHSc, RD “This post is a collection of air fryer breakfast recipes! From breakfast burritos, baked apples, a variety of egg selections, to pancakes and granola – we’ve got you covered! There is something for everyone on this list!” The Convenience of Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes Are you looking for the perfect weekend-style breakfast on weekdays? That is the beauty of an air fryer– it cuts cooking time in half and allows you to indulge in delicious recipes every day! So, join

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A graphic that says Top 5 Reasons You Need an ADHD Nutritionist

Top 5 Reasons You Need an ADHD Nutritionist

Medical Disclaimer: The information in this article is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be personalized medical or nutrition advice. For a plan tailored to your needs, please consult with a Registered Dietitian or qualified healthcare professional. Trigger Warning: there is a section on eating disorders at the end of this article. Please skip this if you think it will trigger you. An ADHD nutritionist / dietitian plays an important role in the health of kids, teens, and adults with ADHD. They understand the neurodivergent lens and the unique nutritional needs of this population. An ADHD

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe

“Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl” recipe was developed by Julia Hop Hing and reviewed/edited by Jackie Silver MHSc, RD Last updated: October 13, 2022 Spring is FINALLY here and I couldn’t be more excited for sunshine, warmer weather, and longer, lighter days ahead. With so much uncertainty in the world at this time, the arrival of Spring is one thing that is certain (whether the season will bring warm weather is still to be determined).  When warmer weather arrives, I start craving smoothies or smoothie bowls for breakfasts or snacks! Instead of oatmeal, I go for smoothies much more often. Enter

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