Meal Prep Made Easy:

Neurodivergent Meal Prep Essentials

Unlock the transformative power of mindful nourishment with the Meal Prep Made Easy course. Say goodbye to decision overwhelm, irregular eating, and the frustration of not knowing what to eat. Reclaim control over your nutrition journey and experience a life infused with energy, confidence, and the freedom to focus on other areas of your life.

Do you feel decision overwhelm and the constant struggle to nourish yourself properly?

Do you want to learn how to meal plan but don’t know where to start?

Is the thought of meal planning too daunting?

Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of irregular meals?

Welcome to Meal Prep Made Easy, an online course that revolutionizes meal planning for neurodivergent adults. We simplify the process with straightforward steps, helping you create easy and nourishing meals, eliminating executive dysfunction barriers along the way.

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This course is made for those feeling overwhelmed by grocery shopping, meal prep, and forming new habits. 

If you struggle with skipping meals, low appetite, sensory sensitivities or impulsive eating, we’re here to simplify your relationship with food on a transformative journey.

We address your fears in a comprehensive way, from judgment concerns to worries about energy levels and executive dysfunction barriers. 

This course is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a thoughtfully designed collection of tools tailored to neurodivergent needs. Through focus groups with neurodivergent adults, we’ve made it accessible and effective with strategies that resonate with different learning styles.

In Meal Prep Made Easy, you’ll learn strategies for consistent eating, habit formation, meal prep, and balanced nutrition. Gain a toolbox of hacks to manage common barriers faced by neurodivergent individuals. 

Picture leaving the course with boosted confidence, fewer meal prep obstacles, and more time for other parts of your life.

what to expect in Meal Prep Made Easy...


Engage at your own pace with our comprehensive on-demand video modules that you can access anywhere at any time

Handouts & Workbooks

Reinforce your learning with 13 handouts and a 17-page workbook, carefully crafted to help you apply your new knowledge and leave with a toolbox of tips and tricks


Join our chat board to ask questions and build connections with me and your fellow learners. It's your go-to spot for support, advice, and shared experiences as you navigate the course


You will come with 100+ simple meal prep recipes from our 4 recipe collections that you'll have for a lifetime to refer to whenever you need

Live Q&A

Access to our monthly Zoom live Q&A sessions where we will answer your questions in real time


Sharpen your understanding and reinforce key concepts through interactive quizzes

Meal Prep Made Easy Course Outline



Welcome to Meal Prep Made Easy (14 mins)

Habit and Goal Creation

Module 1

Lesson 1: Habit Formation (11 mins)

Lesson 2: SMART Goals (12 mins)

Managing Appetite Fluctuations

Module 2

Lesson 1: Eating Regularly (22 mins)

Lesson 2: How to Eat When I Have a Low Appetite (19 mins)

Balanced Meals and Snacks

Module 3

‎ ‎ Lesson 1: Creating Balanced Meals (24 mins)

Lesson 2: Balanced Snacks (12 mins) 

Lesson 3: Meal Cheat Sheets (6 mins)

Meal Prep Phase 1

Module 4

‎ ‎ Lesson 1: Getting Started (with meal planning) (18 mins)

Lesson 2: Determining the Best Meal Prep Method For You (17 mins)

Lesson 3: Make a Plan (14.5 mins)

Meal Prep Phase 2

Module 5

Lesson 1: Grocery Shopping (13 mins)

Lesson 2: Prep and Store (7 mins)

Lesson 3: Meal Prep Hacks (7 mins)

Conclusion (13 mins)

Here's what your transformation can look like...


Overwhelmed at the Thought of Meal Planning: Feelings of anxiety and stress when contemplating the task of planning meals, often leading to avoidance.

Confident Meal Planning: Approach meal planning with confidence, armed with the knowledge and strategies gained from the course to make the process feel manageable and even enjoyable.

Skipping Meals and Bingeing at Night: Struggling with irregular eating patterns, frequently skipping meals during the day, and compensating with overeating in the evening.

Consistent Eating Throughout the Day: Establish a consistent and balanced eating schedule, eliminating the tendency to skip meals and preventing the need for nighttime bingeing.

Low Appetite and Lack of Consistency: Battling a persistent low appetite, leading to inconsistent eating habits and energy fluctuations throughout the day.

Balanced Nutrition and Increased Energy: Achieve balanced nutrition through well-crafted meals and snacks, resulting in increased energy levels, sustained focus, and improved overall well-being.

Difficulty Forming New Habits: Finding it challenging to break free from established routines and form new, healthier habits, particularly with regards to nutrition and meal prep.

Successfully Forming and Sustaining New Habits: Overcome the challenge of forming new habits, implementing the course’s strategies to establish and maintain healthy routines seamlessly.

Impulsive Eating and Reliance on Highly Processed Foods: Turning to impulsive eating habits, such as grabbing whatever is in the kitchen or opting for takeout due to the lack of pre-prepared meals.

Mindful Food Choices with meals and snacks prepped in advance: When hunger strikes, enjoy the convenience of having nourishing, simple options ready to go

Barriers Preventing Meal Prep: Facing various barriers to meal prep, including decision overwhelm, executive dysfunction, food aversions, and the complexity of recipes with too many ingredients or steps.

Eliminated Barriers to Meal Prep: Effectively navigate and manage barriers to meal prep, utilizing the course’s practical hacks and streamlined approaches to make meal preparation a seamless part of daily life.

About Your Instructor

Hello! I’m Jackie, a Registered Dietitian based in Toronto, Canada. With 4+ years of experience working closely with over 200 autistic individuals and people with ADHD, I’ve honed in on the unique challenges with consistent eating and meal preparation.

As a dietitian who focuses on  neurodivergent nutrition, I’ve taken all the tools that work for my one on one clients and packaged them into an accessible course format. 

Through focus groups with neurodivergent adults as well as speaking with other professionals in the field, we’ve incorporated learning tools that resonate with different styles, making the course accessible and effective. Our team’s shared commitment to understanding the daily nuances of living as a neurodivergent adult infuses a higher level of empathy into our approach. 

Personally, my journey with neurodivergent nutrition is not just professional; it’s deeply intertwined with my own lived experience. As a physically disabled woman, I understand the  time-consuming nature of cooking. I’ve incorporated these strategies into my daily life, streamlining meal prep to save time and energy. This course is my way of advocating for neurodivergent adults, promoting independence, and offering practical tools that can genuinely improve your quality of life.

Jackie is smiling, cutting up strawberries in her kitchen. She is wearing a black short sleeve top and a blue and white striped apron.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! This course is perfect for people with physical disabilities, chronic illness, or chronic fatigue. The strategies in this course will be helpful for these folks because we teach skills for how to simplify meal planning and make it less time-consuming which is helpful if you are disabled, have chronic fatigue, or an illness, etc.

This is a very action-oriented course, so on top of the videos, you will need to set aside some time to do the workbooks and homework (ie put the meal prep skills into action).

Once you sign up, you will be provided with a sample course timeline that splits the course up into 6 weeks, and we recommend spending about 1-2 hours in the first 4 weeks and up to 4 hours in the last 2 weeks. 

Remember, this is just a recommendation! You can go through it at your own pace – everyone has different learning styles and for some people it’ll take longer, for others it’ll take shorter.

It’s one thing to watch the video lessons and learn the information but it’s another thing to implement the strategies. You will get the most out of the course by putting everything we teach into action!

Once you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to the entire course!

It may be covered by your health spending account or wellness spending account. Contact your insurance provider for more details.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer refunds once you’ve enrolled in the course. However, I’m confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase 🙂

Yes, each lesson will have a thread in the group chat where you can answer workbook questions, discuss course content, share ideas, and ask questions about the course!

  • Fun mini quizzes at the end of modules to test your knowledge
  • Comes with a workbook with practical activities for each lesson
  • Call to actions at the end of each lesson (ie. Tasks for you to start putting into action to practice your meal prep skills)
  • The module lessons are broken down into short videos (10-25 min in length) which is great for short attention spans and makes the course material seem more digestible 
  • Course chat for students to input their responses and use as a method of maintaining accountability for their goals throughout the course
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions on Zoom so you can get answers to your questions in real time
  • We will also be available to respond to any questions you have in the course chat!

Of course! This course can definitely be adapted to meal plan and prep for more people. For example, you can double, triple, or even quadruple the recipes to change the number of servings to however many people you’re meal prepping for.

In the conclusion video of the course, we give you tips on how to apply these skills to cook for more than 1 person!

Absolutely! We’ve taken care to ensure the course is adaptable to a variety of cultural cuisines. In fact, we have a dedicated section that guides you on customizing the course material to align seamlessly with your unique cultural preferences. If you have sensory sensitivities, picky eating habits, or struggle with a low appetite, rest assured that this course is designed with you in mind. We provide valuable validation and specific strategies to navigate challenges associated with low appetite and heightened sensory sensitivities related to food. Our recipe collections are diverse, offering a range of easily customizable options to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions. Your journey with Meal Prep Made Easy is crafted to be inclusive, understanding, and adaptable to your individual needs.

Meal Prep Made Easy:

Neurodivergent Meal Prep Essentials
$ 399 USD $1,370+ VALUE
  • 3.5 hours of on demand videos ($400 value)
  • 4 recipe collections for meals and snacks - 133 recipes total ($120 value)
  • Lifetime community support through our group chat ($300 value)
  • 13 PDF resources & a 17-page interactive workbook ($100 value)
  • Monthly Zoom Live Q&A Sessions ($300+ value)
  • BONUS: 5 extra recipe collections - 144 recipes total ($150 value)

Unlock Your Potential

By the end of this course, you’ll not only be eating consistently and enjoying balanced meals, but you’ll also have the tools to spend less time in the kitchen and more time living a vibrant, confident life. Join us in Meal Prep Made Easy and embark on a transformative journey towards empowered neurodivergent living!