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15 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

An image of a green air fryer with the text "15 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes"

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes was written by Jenn Zubair of Nutrition by Jenn and reviewed/edited by Jackie Silver MHSc, RD

“This post is a collection of air fryer breakfast recipes! From breakfast burritos, baked apples, a variety of egg selections, to pancakes and granola – we’ve got you covered! There is something for everyone on this list!”

The Convenience of Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

Are you looking for the perfect weekend-style breakfast on weekdays? That is the beauty of an air fryer– it cuts cooking time in half and allows you to indulge in delicious recipes every day! So, join me through this post as we discover air fryer breakfast recipes that will make the start to your day simple and satisfying!

Many of these air fryer breakfast recipes can be prepped ahead of time (such as the granola, boiled eggs, banana bread, or turkey bacon) so they can save you time in the mornings when you’re in a rush. You can easily pair them with other ingredients, such as yogurt or fruit, to make a satisfying, balanced breakfast. Enjoy!

There is a pastry in a white air fryer

What is an Air Fryer 

First, you might be wondering– what is an air fryer? I will begin by saying it is not actually a fryer! It is more so a countertop convection oven that frys food with– you guessed it, air! Although, it does require 1 tbsp of oil per recipe. Why food turns out oh-so deliciously crispy is because the air circulates in all directions of the food. Thus, the food gets crispy in all areas! 

It’s a powerful kitchen gadget that has gained much popularity in recent years! 

How To Use an Air Fryer 

An air fryer is simple to use! First, we start with preheating the air fryer. Then, we add our 1 tbsp of oil to the basket located inside of the appliance and cook. Midway through the cooking process, you can rotate your food for the best results. But, there really isn’t a need, as the air circulates from all areas! 

For a complete, step-by-step guide on how to use an air fryer, click here. 

An orange air fryer with tater tots in the bucket and a bowl of fries with ketchup

What Can I Cook in the Air Fryer? 

You would be surprised to hear this, but essentially anything! You can make snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

You can also make items such as: fries, grilled cheese, vegetables, crispy cauliflower, bacon, fish, chicken tenders, “fried” chicken, chicken wings, tofu nuggets, mozzarella sticks, zucchini chips, onion rings, cinnamon rolls, cookies, donuts, apple chips, and more.

Why Do People Love Their Air Fryers?

There are a couple of different reasons! You can make healthier versions of your favorite foods because you’re limiting the amount of oil to fry your food and it makes your food uber crispy. I am definitely not saying you can not have foods with high oil, but I am saying that people enjoy the air fryer to have this option. The second most common reason is a matter of convenience. The air fryer makes beautiful complex recipes in a fraction of the time!

Now, let’s get to the good part; 15 air fryer breakfast recipes!

15 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

1. Air Fryer Breakfast Burritos from NeighborFood

Air Fryer Breakfast Burritos on a black plate


Photo by NeighborFood

This recipe is the perfect twist on scrambled eggs and bacon. It is simple, hearty, flavourful, and an easy way to start your morning! Plus, it can also be adjusted–you can use turkey, chicken, or tofu bacon.

2. Eggs, Bacon and Toast in Air fryer by Air Fryer Yum

Eggs, bacon and toast on a black plate


Photo by Air Fryer Yum

A classic breakfast in every bite! Need I say more? All of your favorites in one! Of course, you can modify this recipe to your liking by choosing your favorite bread and bacon variety (you can also use vegan bacon if you’re not a meat eater).

3. Air Fryer Fried Eggs from Fork To Spoon

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes - air fryer fried eggs on toast


Photo by Fork To Spoon

Sunny Side up, over easy, over hard? Take your pick! This recipe can help you fry the perfect egg, with less cooking oil and more… I bet you can guess– air. This oh-so-simple recipe can be had simply by itself or dazzled up. What a delicious air fryer breakfast recipe this is!

4. Mini Banana Bread by Cooking It Real Good

If you have followed me for a while, you know I love banana bread! And if you’re looking for a way to use your ripe bananas, this recipe is for you. It is fluffy, wholesome, and delicious! If you want it to be a little denser, try swapping all-purpose flour for whole wheat or adding ground flax seeds for a bit more fiber. Pair this banana bread with some yogurt and a fruit and you’ve got a balanced, satisfying breakfast.

5. Air Fryer Baked Apples by Fork To Spoon

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes - an air fryer baked apple


Photo by Fork To Spoon

I can’t think of a more delicious way to start the morning than baked apples. This recipe is wholesome, nutritious, and sweet! Plus, it is packed with fiber and vitamin C. It’s great for those cool fall or winter mornings. You can even cut it up warm and put it on top of your oatmeal for a full breakfast.

6. Air Fryer Baby Potatoes from Sizzling Nutrition

Hash Browns without the hash= potatoes? Did I get that right? These baby potatoes are marinated in rosemary, garlic, and parmesan cheese making them oh-so-delicious. On top of this, they are the crisp you need with your weekend breakfast! Serve with eggs and a vegetable (mushrooms or bell peppers would pair well) and you’ve got a nourishing air fryer breakfast recipe.

7. Crispy Hash Browns in the Air Fryer by Everyday Family Cooking

Looking for the hash? Don’t worry– we have a recipe for you, too! They are a completely different texture but completely delicious. Just 4 simple ingredients go into these hashbrowns; potato, garlic, salt, and pepper! Perfect for those days where you want a classic breakfast in a pinch. Serve with eggs, bacon, and veggies.

8. Air Fryer-Perfectly Done, Heavenly French Toast by Fork To Spoon

French toast with butter and strawberries


Photo by Fork To Spoon

French toast has been my all-time favorite for years. It has the perfect texture, soft and fluffy! I love topping French toast with greek yogurt, maple syrup, nut butter, and fruit.

9. Air Fryer Granola by Cook it Real Good

Are you looking for the perfect granola for your morning parfait? Trust me, this is it! It has the perfect combination of nuts and oats. It has a robust flavor profile from honey, vanilla, and cinnamon. This is a must to try! Serve with oatmeal or yogurt and fruit for a hearty air fryer breakfast recipe.

10. Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs from NeighborFood

Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs in a white bowl


Photo by NeighborFood

Solo hard-boiled eggs are either a yay or nay for people. For me, they are a yay! If you’re not a fan, I have a few ways you can try out this recipe: egg salad, deviled eggs, or potato salad. And with this recipe, the air fryer can make boiled eggs easier then they already were to make! Boil a bunch of eggs at the start of the week to have on hand for breakfast in a pinch. Serve on toast with avocado.

11. Air Fryer Turkey Bacon by Air Fryer Yum

Air Fryer Turkey Bacon on a white plate


Photo by Air Fryer Yum

Achieving your perfect texture of turkey bacon is known to be difficult. It is either too crispy or soft! The air fryer makes it so much easier to achieve this. Here is why: Air is circulating at all angles, whereas in the oven or on the pan, the heat is fixated on one particular area more than the other. Serve with eggs and toast for a hearty breakfast.

12. Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata by Recipes From A Pantry

If you haven’t tried frittata, you’re missing out. It is dense, wholesome, and rich! This recipe has a savory and veggie profile. It is absolutely delicious, and as an added bonus, it is nutritionally dense!

13. Air Fryer Breakfast Cookies from Fork To Spoon

Air Fryer Breakfast Cookies on a marble tray


Photo by Fork To Spoon

Cookies? Need I say more! These cookies are one of those air fryer breakfast recipes perfect for days when you’re in a rush. They are packed with bananas, oats, nuts, and raisins, which will keep you feeling full and most importantly, satisfied! These are a morning hit, especially if you’re an on-the-go type of person. Pair with a fruit to make it a more filling meal.

14. Air Fryer Pancakes from Get On My Plate

Pancakes are perfect for brunch or weekend breakfast. They are also versatile; you can flavor them with fruit, chocolate or even make them savory! This recipe will provide you with the basics, and I will leave the toppings up to you. You can always use whole wheat flour, oat flour, or gluten free. I love prepping a large batch of pancakes to last about 3 days worth of breakfasts. I enjoy having pancakes topped with Greek yogurt, nut butter, chopped bananas, and maple syrup.

15. 15 Minute Air Fryer Bagels by Gimme Delicious

I don’t think I can talk about breakfast without bringing up bagels! Whether it be in the form of a breakfast sandwich, lox and cream cheese, or classic PB&J, bagels are truly delicious and an excellent air fryer breakfast recipe that you can prep in advance. The air fryer removes the hassle of making bagels and still provides a chewy, soft texture. The best part about this recipe is it only has 5 ingredients and is cooked in 15 minutes – it is a time saver!

I hope these air fryer breakfast recipes gave you some inspiration for what to make for your breakfasts (or what to make with your air fryer you just bought!). And if you don’t have an air fryer, you can still make similar versions of many of these recipes. 

Do you have an air fryer? What do you like to make in it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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