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15 Sautéed Chickpea Recipes to Try Today

A photo of chickpeas with text that reads "15 Sautéed Chickpea Recipes to Try Today"

“15 Sautéed Chickpea Recipes to Try Today” was written by Ayah Al-Anani and reviewed/edited by Rivah Goldstein MScFN, RD and Jackie Silver MHSc, RD.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links with which I may earn a small commission but at no additional cost to you. Affiliate links help bloggers like me to provide you with free content. All opinions expressed here are genuine. 
Medical Disclaimer: The information in this article is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be personalized medical or nutrition advice. For a plan tailored to your needs, please consult with a Registered Dietitian or qualified healthcare professional.

Last updated: June 13, 2023

Sautéed Chickpea Recipes: Why Chickpeas?

After reading this title, you might be thinking, “why chickpeas?”

For starters, chickpeas are a nutritional powerhousepacked with plant-based protein and fiber. Did you know that both protein and fiber can help keep us fuller for longer? 

Protein lowers the hunger hormone ghrelin (the messenger in our body that tells us when we’re hungry), while boosting our fullness hormone called peptide YY (the messenger in our body that tells us to feel full after eating). 

Fiber also keeps us feeling full because it takes longer to digest and gives our gut more bulk. Therefore, sautéed chickpea recipes are a healthy choice because they can keep you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer!

One cup of chickpeas contains:

  • 12 grams of fiber
  • 15 grams of protein
A wooden bowl of dried chickpeas

Sautéed Chickpea Recipes: Other benefits

Chickpeas have other health benefits too! 

  • They are packed with vitamins and minerals like iron, folate, and zinc, and low in saturated fats. 
  • The high fiber content in chickpeas helps keep our digestive system healthy, preventing constipation.
  • They are good for our heart because they’re low in sodium, have no cholesterol, and contain healthy polyunsaturated fats and fiber which can lower the “bad cholesterol” in our bodies.
  • They have a low glycemic index, so they won’t cause a sudden blood sugar spike.
  • They are naturally gluten free, making them a great option for those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.
  • As explained above, they are a great source of protein which helps us stay full.

As a bonus, sautéed chickpea recipes are easy to make, budget friendly, and versatile!

A graphic listing out the health benefits of chickpeas

How to Cook Sautéed Chickpeas

What is Sautéeing?

Sautéeing is a cooking technique where a small amount of fat (such as oil) is used in a hot, shallow pan to cook various types of foods, such as sautéed chickpeas. With sautéeing, you can cook food quickly while also keeping it flavorful. 

First the pan is heated on medium-high heat with a little bit of oil or butter. Once you place the food in the pan, you can stir it around with a spatula or spoon to help the food cook evenly and prevent it from sticking to the pan.

Sautéeing is different from pan-frying because it uses less fat (i.e. oil, butter) and less heat!

A bowl of sautéed chickpeas

How to buy chickpeas for Sautéed Chickpea Recipes

Chickpeas can be purchased in two forms: Dried and canned.

Dried Chickpeas: If you are purchasing dried chickpeas, it is best to use them within 1 year. The longer they are stored, the drier they become, which increases the cooking time of sautéed chickpeas.

Canned Chickpeas: Canned chickpeas should be stored in a cool, dry place. Buy cans that are free of dents, cracks, or bulging lids (read more about canned food safety here). 

Cans usually have a best before date that indicates when you should use them.

I recommend purchasing low-sodium canned chickpeas or canned chickpeas with no added salt. 

A large wooden spoon with dried chickpeas

Storage for Sautéed Chickpea Recipes

Your sautéed chickpeas should be stored in an airtight container for 3-4 days maximum. If you would like to keep them for longer, they can be stored in the freezer in freezer bags or freezer-safe airtight containers for 3 months.

Best Cooking Equipment for Sautéed Chickpea Recipes

  1. Sensart 12-inch Nonstick Deep Frying Pan

This nonstick pan heats up quickly and evenly due to its aluminum material. With a deep design and a 5-quart capacity, it’s perfect for making large batches of sautéed chickpeas or any other meal. The nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze!

  1. T-Fal Fry Pan Cookware Set

Introducing this set of 3 fry pans in different sizes. Made of special anodized aluminum, they are durable, corrosion-resistant, and heat evenly. A standout feature is the “thermo-spot indicator”, which turns a solid red to indicate the perfect time for sautéing your chickpeas or any other ingredients!

  1. oannoa 14 Pc Silicone Cooking Utensil Set

This 14-piece kitchen utensil set includes 9 cooking tools and 4 baking tools. Each utensil is BPA free and made from high quality food grade silicone. The wooden handles are comfortable and prevent heat transfer, eliminating risk of burns while cooking. Get the most out of your investment with this user-friendly, versatile set! 

  1. CASA LINGO Meal Prep Container Set of 20

This set comes with 20 plastic BPA free airtight containers with 10 different sizes, giving you the best bang for your buck. Each container features an airtight lid with 4 locks, keeping your food fresh and leak-free. These light and stackable containers are convenient to stack in your fridge and bring to work.

  1. IDEATECH 20 Pack Reusable Freezer Bags

These BPA-free freezer bags are versatile and safe for freezing food. With 3 different sizes, they can accommodate any quantity of food! Cleaning is easy – just wash with a bottle brush and hang upside down to dry. Enjoy the convenience and eco-friendliness of these bags!

15 Sauteed Chickpea Recipes to Try Today

These sauteed chickpea recipes we’re about to share with you have diverse flavors from different cuisines.

These recipes are delicious and can be meal-prepped in advance (check out our awesome meal planning guide here!) 

Sautéed chickpeas can be the protein source and you can add a grain and vegetable to create a balanced, filling meal. 

Whether you’re looking for a comforting recipe, or wanting to try something new, there’s a sautéed chickpea recipe for everyone!

  1. Chana Masala
Chana Masala (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Minimalist Baker

Chana, meaning chickpeas, is a vital ingredient in Indian cuisine. This recipe combines chana with masala spices to create a classic North Indian curry. It only takes 30 minutes and can be made in one pot for a delicious lunch or dinner!

  1. General Tso’s Chickpea Stir Fry
General Tso’s Chickpea Stir Fry (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Eat with Clarity

If you’re craving Chinese take-out, but want a healthier/plant-based alternative, this sautéed chickpea recipe is for you! This recipe only takes 25 minutes to prep and can be cooked in one pan. Enjoy this delicious and quick sautéed chickpea recipe with rice and broccoli on the side for a complete and balanced meal!

  1. Italian-Style Zucchini and Chickpea Sauté
Italian-Style Zucchini and Chickpea Sauté (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Forks over Knives

We love this Italian-style sauteed chickpea recipe because it also incorporates lots of vegetables like bell peppers and zucchini. This hearty recipe that can be put together in just 25 minutes! You can also serve it in many different ways on its own or with rice, quinoa, and pasta. 

  1. Spanish Chickpeas and Rice
Spanish Chickpeas and Rice (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Budget Bytes

If you’re craving paella, but lacking the ingredients or time to make it, this sauteed chickpea recipe here to save the day. Packed with aromatic spices and a squeeze of lemon, this recipe is bursting with flavor! The best part is that the recipe can be prepared in just 50 minutes using one pot, or even in a rice cooker.

  1. Moroccan Chickpeas and Rice
Moroccan Chickpeas and Rice (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Rise Shine Cook

Try this Mediterranean sautéed chickpea recipe is a versatile and  heart-warming dish. The unique touch of cinnamon elevates the flavors! Enjoy it as lettuce wraps, in a hearty bowl with quinoa and veggies, or simply with rice.

  1. Chickpea Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce 
Chickpea Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by The Pesky Vegan

This creative recipe is inspired by pad-thai and is truly a crowd-pleaser! You can customize this sautéed chickpea recipe by adding your favorite vegetables. This recipe is perfect for meal prepping a protein-rich bowl to eat on the go!

  1. Chickpea Pasta with Spinach
Chickpea Pasta with Spinach (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Last Ingredient

Looking for a light and fresh lunch/dinner option? Try this sautéed chickpea recipe with a spinach nutrient boost. It’s versatile too – turn this dish into a salad by cooling it in the fridge and adding crunchy vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes! 

  1. 1-Pot Chickpea Shakshuka
1-Pot Chickpea Shakshuka (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Minimalist Baker

One-pot recipes are always a hit! If you’re a fan of the comforting and rich tomato sauce of Shakshuka, you’ll love this plant-based alternative with sautéed chickpeas. Pair this sautéed chickpea Shakshuka recipe with a slice of whole grain toast for more energy and staying power.

  1. Chickpea Bolognese
Chickpea Bolognese (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Minimalist Baker

This sauteéd chickpea recipe is a classic take on classic bolognese pasta. It is a simple yet comforting recipe containing just 10 ingredients. Enhance this dish by adding in your favorite veggies like carrots and celery for an extra fiber boost!

  1. Kale with Chana & Coconut

Experience a flavorful fusion of two classic Indian dishes, chana masala, and saag bhaji, with this sautéed chickpea recipe. The addition of coconut milk adds a creaminess, and healthy fats to the dish. Using kale, this recipe offers a boost of calcium, vitamin K, and vitamin C.

  1. Green Chickpea Curry with Couscous
Green Chickpea Curry with Couscous (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Minimalist Baker

This dish is a twist on traditional curry with the addition of Israeli couscous for more volume. Inspired by Thai cuisine, this unique sautéed chickpea recipe is a cross between curry and stew and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways!

  1. Sauteed Chickpeas with Yogurt, Garlic, and Herbs

We love this sautéed chickpea recipe because it’s not only simple, but very flavorful. The crispy chickpeas perfectly compliment the zesty and aromatic yogurt sauce, creating a satisfying combination. With its refreshing flavors and simple preparation, this sautéed chickpea recipe is sure to be a hit! 

  1. Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry
Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Rainbow Plant Life

This sauteed chickpea recipe only takes 50 minutes to make, but provides a  complex flavor profile. The butternut squash acts as a thickener, while the red curry paste, Thai chili peppers, lime juice, and soy sauce create a balanced mix of sweet, sour, and umami notes!

  1. Easy Chickpea Chili
Easy Chickpea Chili (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Connoisseurus Veg

This vegan alternative to chili is both a simple and satisfying sauteéd chickpea recipe. This chili only takes 55 minutes to make and can be frozen for up to 3 months. Enjoy it with quinoa or rice for a balanced, delicious meal. 

  1. Chickpea Salad with Red Pepper, Mint, and Sumac
Chickpea Salad with Red Pepper, Mint, and Sumac (sautéed chickpea recipes)
Photo by Kalyn’s Kitchen

Celebrate the summer season with this delightful sautéed chickpea recipe. The crispy chickpeas provide a satisfying crunch while the cooling mint and lemony sumac, a reddish-purple Middle Eastern spice, create a refreshing contrast in flavors. This dish is sure to transport your taste buds to a summer paradise!


We hope you enjoyed this sautéeed chickpea recipe roundup! Choosing plant-based protein sources such as chickpeas can be an affordable and environmentally friendly way to get our protein in. Plus, chickpeas are versatile, easy to prepare and can be cooked in large batches to refrigerate or freeze for a later meal, making them an awesome protein-packed meal prep choice. We would love to hear about your experience if you try any of these dishes, or feel free to comment below to share your own sautéed chickpea recipes with us. Happy cooking!

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